You may have noticed something different about us?

That’s right, we’ve had a rebrand, and nope, this isn’t one of those rebrands where we’ve just changed a few colours and given the website a lick of paint. This is a rebrand that is diversifying the purpose behind This Teesside Girl.

I feel that This Teesside Girl has gone beyond just blogging about cool places to visit. Yes, that will still remain to be a huge element, but over the past 12 months I’ve learnt a lot about the digital sector I’m now immersed in; and, as I’ve evolved it’s clear that there’s a lot more that can be done in terms of empowering women into this wonderful online world that we all now live in.

So, if you want me to define exactly what this new blog will entail, then that would be tricky. I don’t want to shoe horn this into being something with an expiry date that I’ll fall out of love with. What I am certain of, is that I want to write about topics I’m passionate about. As a young woman in the digital sector, I want to discuss things that are relatable to other females like ME; because like it or not, the technology sector needs more of us, and if we can help reduce industry stereotypes, change perceptions of the sector, break down judgement barriers, then we will be taking big strides towards encouraging more females into the ever-developing digital sector within Teesside.

The more we can do to introduce relatable figures into the tech sector, the BETTER. I won’t lie, once you’re here, you know how welcome you are but on the outside, this time 24 months ago, I could’ve thought of nothing worse! I didn’t know ANY girls like me who worked with computers. Nobody at the nail salon or my spinning classes really knows what PPC is and trust me, if their perceptions of the tech sector were true, I wouldn’t want to be there either! But that’s exactly where the issue lies! JUST because you’re in the tech sector doesn’t mean you have to have a TECH job. There are SO many different job roles, from sales to accounts to marketing to filming, the list is ENDLESS! But we’re missing out on a huge percentage of talent in the market to help grow this industry!

So I suppose, my AIM of this blog is to provide a platform in which I can share my experiences as a young woman in the digital sector. Before starting my career journey in this sector, I wish I had someone to answer all my questions and alleviate my worries, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d fit in or what life would be like for me; and, the longer I’m here the more people I’ve had  asking for advice and wondering what it’s like being a young woman in the industry. I’m approaching my first year anniversary in this wonderful sector, which feels like the right time to start doing my bit towards empowering more young women into the tech scene. Even if my blogs only manages to help one person, only manages to change one person’s mind, or to bring one new tiny idea to someone, then that’s better than nothing.