Hello and welcome to This Teesside Girl!

My name is Scarlett and I’m a nineteen year old girl living in Teesside. Currently, I’m in my second year at Teesside University studying a Marketing degree.

During my time at University I sadly realised that there are not many people like me, who share my love for the North East. Unfortunately, Teesside seems to be inundated with bad press and all the great things seem to get forgotten about… Hardly seems fair, does it?

Well, that’s what I thought too! So.. That’s where I come in; The following posts will showcase the fabulous hideouts in Teesside, both small and large, ranging from our Northern treasures to some of our more recognisable chains (which have that Teesside edge.)

So, wether you’re bored on the bus, having a quick cup of tea, or are genuinely interested in finding out about Teesside’s treasures, I hope I provide insight to some of you.