What I Wore To Work #1

As a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic, I love keeping up to date with new fashion and beauty trends. Although the tech industry isn’t best known for its ‘glitz and glamour’, nobody said we can’t mix things up and add a little bit of style to digital?

Life Is A Party, Dress Like It

I am by no means a professional when it comes to fashion or styling, but I do take a lot of pride when it comes to what I wear. Most recently, I’ve found that when I do post pictures in workwear I get lots of questions about what I’m wearing and where it’s from; so, I thought it might be nice to share what I like to wear to work!

To see how we get on with this type of blog post, I’m going to start by sharing what I have worn to the last few events I’ve hosted on behalf of Mabo. I always see events as an excuse to get a bit more dressed up – which creates the perfect excuse for me to buy a new outfit!

First up, for the very first event I hosted I went for a grey and black pencil dress with plain black patent court heels.


** Disclaimer: Apologies, this is the only picture I got that day and flip flops are a must when travelling around in summer!

I managed to bag this gorgeous little steal from Primark of all places!

It is a gorgeous, thick, almost wool like fabric with a little bit of detailing cinching in the waist. I really wanted something sleeveless as the event was in the middle of summer so this was absolutely perfect.

The only thing I found about wearing a pencil dress with thick fabric is that I was a little bit restricted, although the lack of stretch made the outfit very flattering, I did feel a little uncomfortable. Luckily this event was held in our office, so I was able to set-up in jeans and a tee, then get changed into something more glamorous once all the lifting was done.

I’m quite short, well, very short actually, which is one of the reasons I opt to wear heels everywhere – so obviously I was going to need a new pair of courts! I paired this dress with a shiny new pair of black patent court heels and I had fitted plain black blazer on standby incase the room got cold!

Next up, was our first event in Newcastle! This was the very first time I was involved in hosting an event outside the office, so to make sure we were super organised, ready to go in the morning we set-up the evening before! Once again this meant that although I didn’t have to worry too much about setting up on the morning, I still had to be able to take down and pack away our promotional material.

So, this time I went for a classic, navy blue midi dress from boohoo. I sometimes struggle with midi dresses as they sometimes end up being more maxi than midi – so to be on the safe side I ordered this particular dress from the boohoo Petite range. When it arrived it fit like a glove. The length was perfect, the waistband fell just was where it was supposed to and the top half was comfortable enough to match the design, but not too loose that it looked baggy.


I still absolutely love this dress, I’ve worn it for so many occasions since, it’s become such a staple in my wardrobe because it can be dressed up or down for date night, girly drinks or office-wear! I teamed this dress with a gorgeous pair of patent nude court heels with a cream mac and matching patent nude handbag.

Most recently we hosted Mabo’s BIGGEST event yet in LONDON!! This was the first time we had taken the brand outside of the North East so naturally, to mark the occasion I had to get a new outfit!

After weeks of scouring sites in search of the perfect outfit I found the one. I opted for this fabulous little number from Pink Boutique. I wanted to wear a dress, but I still needed to be able carry our promotional material across London and construct our stands; all whilst trying to maintain a touch of glamour and grace… if that’s at all possible.

A tough balance to maintain made a whole lot easier with this dress.


Sleeveless meant I wasn’t restricted when reaching to put up our promotional stands and material. It’s a perfect length which meant I didn’t have to worry about constantly tugging to pull it down all day. The stretchy fabric allowed me to feel feminine and enhance my shape whilst still being able to breathe and move around comfortably…and it had a splash of pink! So, of course I was going to love it.

Then, naturally, what’s a new dress without a new pair of shoes?

Now, it didn’t take me long to find the perfect partner to go with my dress. I am a S-U-C-K-E-R for any kind of marketing, you’d think working in the industry would make me a little less susceptible to it… nope! In fact, it’s done the opposite. Whether it’s an eye-catching point of sale in the supermarket, or a basket of false lashes in Primark, if a retailer puts the idea in my head that I might need what they’re offering, there’s a likely chance it’ll end up in my basket!

SO whilst I was deciding on the dress, these little beauties popped up in the “Shop The Look” section below… how could I say no?


My top, absolute go-to shops for workwear are…

In the past I’ve also had a little bit of luck on…

… for co-ords, power suits and shoes.

So, if you’re a female struggling for workwear ideas – I hope this has helped!!

I’d also love to hear your opinions, what’s your favourite retailer for workwear? Do you have a go-to store when it comes to finding stylish work clothes? Comment below or drop me a DM – I’d absolutely love to hear about them!

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