Bistrot Pierre

Located on Middlesbrough’s Albert Road, just opposite the Town Hall, Bistrot Pierre can be found right next to the brand new Holiday Inn Express. The restaurant is thankfully within walking distance of the train station and has exclusive evening rates in The Cleveland Centre Car Park (park your car between 18:00 – 24:00 for just £1.50). With restaurants located in the North East right over to to the South West and Wales, this evolving Bistro has a tasteful way of maintaining French locality and authenticity.

The exterior of the restaurant is both modern and chic, with gleaming spotlights illuminating the al fresco dining area below. The architecture and exterior design create a fresh aesthetic. Inside, the restaurant is so wonderfully unique. Different to anything we’ve seen in Middlesbrough before, the dining area is open plan and very spacious. The navy and steel backdrop creates a cool and refreshing atmosphere, whilst the authentic French imagery framing the wall makes you feel relaxed.

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere is exquisitely matched with the staff. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and led to our table. Considering the staff have only been in the role for four weeks (due to the newness of the restaurant) they deserve to be commended for their knowledge and expertise of the menu.

The food is equally as fantastic as the staff, and it’s available seven days a week for lunch, dinner and even breakfast over the weekend! When Bistrot Pierre say that there is ‘Something for everyone!’ they really aren’t lying. With gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes, even a children’s menu that comes fully equipped with a peaceful-meal-time activity pack!
Adding a touch of class and diverse cuisine, it’s fair to say that Bistrot Pierre makes a wonderful addition to Middlesbrough Town Centre. If you’re after somewhere a little different to the ‘Middlesbrough norm’ then I’d definitely recommend taking a trip to this fabulous French eatery. To book your table click here!

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