Holey Molies

Last week This Teesside Girl did something a little bit different and swapped her cocktails and nightclubs for hot chocs and golf clubs! That’s right, last week I visited Holey Molies!

Holey Molies is a grand, 18 hole golf course set up in the midst of a well-disguised warehouse. Located on Skelton Industrial Estate just off Alum Way Holey Molies can be found within an inquisitive enclosure. The course has been ergonomically designed so it can be played by all ages, with a unique range of holes making your experience varied and entertaining.

In this instance ladies and gentleman I can assure you however that what you see is absolutely not what you get! Upon first glance, the venue from the outside looks no more than a lonely warehouse. However, as you approach the entrance you are greeted by twinkly fairy lights, and endearing plants and trees, softening the aesthetics. Once inside, you must pass through the Diner so you can be faced with what can only be described as a Narnia-like-landscape of Mini Golf.

The warehouse is miraculously transformed into a magnificent scene of mini golf. What once resembled a lonely establishment is disguised by vivid green turf and charming potted plants, all of which is illuminated by more beaming fairy lights and bright industrial lighting.

USP Alert: Holey Molies is home to the WORLD’S LONGEST mini golf hole, stretching a great 264 feet! I’ve never seen anything like it before as you have to go up two flights of stairs just to tee off, what’s more is that on this hole all players get to tee off at the same time – adding to the competition! (Fun Fact: The longest hole at Holey Molies is due to be verified by the very own Guinness World Records later this year!)

As if mini golf and food wasn’t enough, Holey Molies host a wide range of events every week! If you’re a quiz-night-whizz, don’t miss out and head down to Holey Molies on Tuesday nights. Or, if you’re more of a live-music-lover, why not pop down over the weekend to catch live bands including Idolize, Flat Back Four or No Regrets. For the full events calendar click here!

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, perhaps a birthday? Then Holey Molies is THE place to be. With Party Packages for both children and adults starting from just £5 per person, what better way to celebrate that with a round of mini golf and a bite to eat?

I’d definitely recommend wrapping up warm, because despite Holey Molies best efforts to disguise the warehouse- there’s just no escaping that chill!

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