Enactus Teesside Welcome Evening

Last Wednesday This Teesside Girl was lucky enough to attend the ‘Enactus’ Teesside Welcome Evening. For those who don’t know Enactus exists to inspire students to engage in entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more effective and sustainable world. The non-profit organisation provides a platform for over 40 teams of international university students in the UK to create strategies and projects that in turn develops them into effective, motivated, value-driven leaders.


(Enactus: Entrepreneurial- seeing an opportunity and having the power to create value from it. Action – the drive to do something, and the commitment to finish it. Us – a group of individuals that are part of a greater whole)


The event was held at the wonderful Uno Momento in Middlesbrough (a new Teesside Girl favourite), which set the perfect background for the enjoyable evening ahead. Stavrianna Chatzikou (President), Andy Price (University Advisor) and Olivia Davidson (Programme Manager) lead the evening by sharing with us some of the inspiring work the Teesside University Enactus team has done so far.


We were then let in on what future plans the Teesside Enactus team had. Without giving too much of the game away you can expect to see projects such as;

  1. ‘The Community Fridge’ designed to distribute waste food to those in need of nutrition.
  2. ‘Revamp’ working with women suffering from Domestic Violence or homelessness
  3. Expansion of the international ‘Save the Woman’ project into the UK, helping women reestablish their lives.


The passion the students have for Enactus is truly remarkable and is clearly a driving force behind their incredible results. The Teesside team believe that with competition, comes creativity, motivation and results and that with these three factors injected into community projects, Enactus can transform more lives.


I think it’s fair to say that every individual came away feeling inspired of what the Enactus team have achieved so far. This Teesside Girl wishes Enactus all the best for their activities this year, and can’t wait to hear about the continued success next year. For those who aren’t involved, I do urge you to keep up to date with Enactus Teesside and if you can in any way help towards their success, do so. To find out a little more about the fantastic work Enactus do you can visit their website here.

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