The Original Uno Momento

This week This Teesside Girl took a trip to the original Uno Momento in Middlesbrough. I know first-hand that this family-run business already has fabulous Italian restaurants located in Darlington and Stokesley so it only seemed fitting that Linthorpe Roads newest Italian sensation should get the Teesside Girl treatment. Uno Momento is perfectly positioned on Middlesbrough’s most famous street and is impossible to miss thanks to its delightfully enticing appearance. Inspired by their success in both Darlington and Stokesley the family set their sights on creating their finest looking restaurant yet; and it’s fair to say, ladies and gentlemen, mission very much accomplished.

As you approach the restaurant you are greeted by a rustic yet modern looking exterior, with sleek steelwork beautifully framing the logo which sits proudly above the entrance. The internal space is superbly finished, with bare brick walls and exposed lighting giving the Italian eatery an authentically charming ambience. The furniture has clearly been meticulously selected to complement the already soothing atmosphere and the whole thing comes together to provide a wonderfully warm welcome.

The service we received was nothing short of flawless, from start to finish customer satisfaction was clearly at the top of the agenda. The care, passion and joy exhibited by the staff certainly enhanced our experience. The waiters and waitresses of Uno Momento are a credit to their profession.

Now, most importantly, the food. All the Italian classics are here, from pizzas to pastas and everything in between. There is also an extensive steak and burger list which is sure to whet any appetite. I can wholeheartedly say that the cuisine matched the impeccable service, decor and atmosphere. Our meals were perfectly cooked, beautifully presented and promptly delivered. After considerable thought, I decided to go for the Pollo Barbecue, which added a wonderful Italian twist to an English classic and I cannot recommend it enough. We naturally washed the whole thing down with a fantastic bottle of prosecco from the surprisingly extensive drinks menu. To take a closer look at the menu yourself click here.

Uno Momento translates as “one moment”, and I can confidently say that one moment is all you will need to fall for the effortless charm of this faultless restaurant. I will certainly be returning for my next Italian fix, I highly recommend you do the same. You can book a table here.

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