Botanical Creations & Curious Liberations

“It started with a seed, an idea to create a secret garden of food and drink…”

The Botanist is a family of restaurant-come-cocktail-bars that can be found in popular surrounding City Centres such as Newcastle, York, Leeds and Manchester. The secret garden of food and drink has a charming way of detaching itself from the hustle and bustle of it’s surroundings. To locate it, you’re often led through a little door on the street to a flight of endearing stairs that lead you to this mystical world of foliage and food. 

Inside antiques and trinkets feel quite at home sitting snug inside glass cabinets or hung decoratively from the walls. The restaurant itself has a cosy, rustic feel with bare brick walls, and exposed wood tables spaced comfortably apart giving you enough privacy. The atmosphere is both relaxed and laid-back, matched by the waiters and waitresses ability to be attentive yet non-intrusive.

The food at The Botanist is faultless. There is something on the menu to suit all tastebuds and  I must admit that I have always been amazed at the quality of my meal. It’s important to note however, that there is something about the meal that makes each plate a little different; the food itself isn’t unusual but each dish seems to have a little twist. I don’t wish to ruin the surprise as that would detract from the excitement of your visit, but be it the presentation, the decoration on the plate or even a flavour, there is something very special about the food at The Botanist.   

As for the bar, the resident cocktail-crafters concoct every drink imaginable. From a sweet-tooth satisfying Strawberry and Cucumber Breeze, to a tongue-burning Thai Chilli Crush. Of course, the cocktails are accompanied by an anthology of ales, and a whole host of house favourite spirits and soft drinks. 

So, as The Botanist explains, some arrive for the live music, some for the conversation; but all can enjoy a wondrous occasion. If you’d like to check it out for yourself why not head over to their website!

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