A GREAT Meal Out 

Owned by popular Middlesbrough goalkeeper Dimi Konstantopoulos, ‘Great’ is located right in the heart of Middlesbrough on Linthorpe Road. There is no other restaurant like this in the area, and so it rightfully adds a new flavour to the bustling town. The restaurant’s tagline is “great taste of Greece”, and i can assure you now ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what Great serves up!
You might be thinking, ‘Greek food? But, i’m not really sure what i’d order in a Greek restaurant’ – yes, that’s what i was thinking to. However, i boldly bit the bullet, took a trip and can now confidently say i am a Greek-food-lover. The restaurant prides itself on serving ‘modern Greek food’, offering a wide range of starters, sides, specials, mains, desserts and more. There is absolutely something on the menu for everyone, no matter how fussy of an eater you are!

From souvlaki skewers and chicken yeeros, to hearty wraps and brimming burgers, this combination of traditional Greek delicacies with modern dishes ensures no soul will go hungry.
The staff are equally as brilliant as the food. Friendly and welcoming, with helpful knowledge of the menu. As a Greek food first-timer i wasn’t very familiar with anything on the menu- but the waitress was extremely accommodating, and took the time to discuss what i usually liked to eat and helped me select something a little different off the menu suited to my preferences!
Inside, the restaurant is beautiful, with sophisticated and mature decor complementing the overall aura of ‘Great’. The furnishings and layout are authentic, but classy and authentic – fully reflecting the culmination of traditional and modern Greek cuisine.

So, if you’re after somewhere new to grab a bite to eat i strongly recommend this fabulous new addition to Middlesbrough! To find out a little more about ‘Great’ you can find them on Facebook or visit their website!

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