Uno Ristorante

Leading Italian restaurant Uno Ristorante is located on the centre of Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. Their sister restaurant can be found on Yarm High Street- but for the purpose of this post we’ll be discussing the venue in Middlesbrough.

Inside you are immediately met with an authentic Italian atmosphere that has a modern twist. The shelves on the wall showcase traditional Italian foods, whilst the LED lit bar provides a current theme. The restaurant itself is spread across two floors, meaning the authenticity of the Italian environment is maintained whilst it remains spacious enough for you to enjoy your meal in peace.


The menu is brimming with taste-bud-busting treats. Uno’s offers a diverse menu with a whole host of meals to choose from. I would personally recommend their pizzas and pastas and of course their fantastic Parmo! However, they also offer delicious burgers, seafood dishes and even a lite bites and happy hour range! With only the highest quality ingredients and wine/ beer to complement the food, this Italian eatery cannot be faulted!

Now, good customer service in a restaurant is very important to me – one thing my teenage years spent working in retail taught me is that good customer service MATTERS. This may be the reason I enjoy visiting Uno’s so much- their waiters and waitresses are some of the best staff I have ever met. Although Uno’s is up there on my favourite ‘date-night’ locations, it is our go-to place for a big meal out. The minimum we request a table for is usually 10 people, and there are never any eyebrows raised or any large, disheartened exhales of breath. They always tuck us right out the way so we aren’t a nuisance to other diners, and they are very, very tolerant of us. The service is always impeccable, the staff are personable and attentive yet never seem intrusive. We have visited uno’s time after time and somehow, even when there are 15+ of us, they still manage to get the food out all at the same time- there’s never an empty glass or a sunken smile in sight. The staff, undoubtedly, are a true asset to Uno Ristorante.

So, whatever the occasion be it a family get together, a catch up with the girls, or your turn to impress your partner – Uno Ristorante will definitely fit the bill. With something for everyone there really isn’t anything not to like. To take a better look at their menu or to book a table head over to their website!

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