Lost Property 

Last Friday This Teesside Girl visited a literal hidden gem within the wonderful little cobbled streets of Yarm. This restaurant come bar has no fancy lights beckoning you in, no menu in the window for your perusal, it doesn’t even have a sign or a shopfront- all of this just adds to the intrigue and is part of the reason why this little secret is one worth sharing. I’m afraid I can’t give too much away in terms of where it is as that would spoil the surprise! I am sure however that the savvy amongst you will have no trouble tracking it down.

When you do eventually find the door, and are warmly welcomed in you are greeted with a delightfully intimate space that’s unlike anywhere I’ve visited before. Windowless walls of exposed brick and darkened timber harmonize with the sophisticated wooden stools and benches, while a superb wooden and brass bar headlines the room and subtle music fills the air. The walls are adorned with pictures and dimly lit lanterns which help create an incredibly elegant ambiance.

After being blown away by the décor we then found the staff to be very attentive and professional whilst also staying true to the bars more relaxed atmosphere. They are more
than happy to discuss the menu and make recommendations and I had a glass of prosecco in hand within a minute of sitting down- which is always a tick in my book! The in-house mixologist even conjured me up an off-menu cocktail based on my favourite ingredients (watermelon and elderflower for those who are wondering). Speaking of drinks, the bar is fully stocked with everything you would expect; from ales and wines to a wide variety of spirits. Lost property’s cocktail menu is brimming with  tantalising treats and it is difficult to choose between them. The food menu also features perfect partner drinks for specific meals which is a classy and welcome touch.

Moving on to the main event of the evening which was unquestionably the food. Lost
Property is amongst those rarest of places in which I wanted everything on the menu, thankfully with their incredible choice of sharing platters and tasting boards this was quite literally an option! The locally sourced, adequately priced menu will cater for anybody’s taste and is packed full of mouth-watering culinary delights ranging from elegant cheese boards and tasteful vegetarian plates to burgers and steaks. A revamped menu launching this week also features the classic Teesside parmo!

As if the fabulous food, drinks, service and atmosphere weren’t enough, the bar also offers
up some magnificent themed nights. Highlights include Thursdays New Orleans jazz nights featuring live music from some of the regions finest acts. My personal favourite is Tuesdays prosecco night! Otherwise known as ladies’ night, with free prosecco for all. It is also worth mentioning that Lost Property is available for private hire and would be the perfect place to impress, whatever the occasion.

This fantastic little place was a total breath of fresh air and has quickly found its way into my
list of favourites. The most striking aspect of this speakeasy is the total detachment from
the rest of the world, sitting there amongst the flicker of candlelight with fantastic food, delightful drinks and classy company is an incredible experience and one which this girl will be taking advantage of on a VERY regular basis. If you would like to find yourself in lost
property then head on over to their Facebook page or book through Open Table.
Please be aware that Lost Property can only be found by taxi. I recommend you try Joe
Maxi’s Cabs.


Scarlett. Xx

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