Therapy Hair and Beauty 

This week I took a trip to one of my favourite places. This is somewhere you can go to relax… somewhere you can go to have a girly chit-chat… somewhere you can sit and relax in your own little world. This place ladies and gentlemen, is Therapy Hair and Beauty at Wynyard.

By definition, therapy is a treatment that helps someone feel better – and I can assure you, whether it’s a fifteen minute facial or an hour-long hair do, you will come out of this sweet serene salon feeling one-hundred times better than when you walked in! From spray tans and manicures, to highlights and lashes, this one-stop-beauty-shop with its extensive range can satisfy all of your pampering needs!

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Located in the heart of Wynyard, Therapy can be found just by the local pub ‘The Stables’. Inside, the salon oozes ‘glitz and glamour’, the immaculate décor fills you with a sense of sophistication whilst the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The salon only uses products of the highest quality and the standard of pampering provided is impeccable.

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The team at Therapy consists of seven highly-skilled ladies! Hairdressers Chloe, Helen and Eva will work wonders with your locks, whilst beauty therapists Louise, Nichola and Kirsty can address all of your beautification needs; And of course, it goes without saying Therapy wouldn’t run as smoothly or, be as fabulous without the lovely owner, Wendy.

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Now, you may be wondering what it is exactly that sets this salon aside from the rest? No, it’s not just the quality of their products, or just the standard of service – it is in fact the atmosphere within the salon. It’s a true talent that the ladies in Therapy have mastered; their ability to maintain professionalism and combine it with friendliness to create a truly relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Here, there is a naturally warm environment that makes every client feel welcome, which for me is a very important factor.

As a girl who truly loves to be pampered, I could not recommend this salon enough. To take a further look at the services head over to or to book your appointment call 01740 661384.

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