Canteen and Cocktails 

Canteen and Cocktails… “A bar serving great food”… How do I put it better than that? Well ladies and gentlemen, this blog post is here to give you a little insight into my experience at the wonderful restaurant-come-cocktail bar. Located towards the top of the High Street in Norton, this place provides the perfect atmosphere for catching up with friends and family, celebrating and enjoying great food and drinks.

Inside, the walls and windows are framed by unique lights, signs, pictures and electric signs- creating an urban atmosphere. These additions surround the room full of benches and booths. When visiting this wonderful little place you must be prepared to potentially share your table with neighbours. The seating is spacious enough to not be intrusive, but I’m just making note that there’s no cosy table in the corner for two! Finally, with a fully stocked bar on both floors, Canteen and Cocktails is truly equipped to provide you with every spirit imaginable.

In addition to the great décor, the staff are welcoming, relaxed and professional. They were very polite and made me feel very at ease whilst in their company.


Now, ‘the canteen’. The food served in this wonderful restaurant is second to none. The food quality is impeccable and it is very reasonably priced. Your meal will come served on trays or boards, with your fries and additions gathered in cups or jars. With no plates or bowls to be seen you can really feel the individuality of Canteen and Cocktails not only shining through in its décor, but in their food as well. There are also a wide range of menus on offer including breakfast, main, takeaway and Sunday lunch, and of course there is an extensive range of meals to choose from across all. From omelettes to steaks and burgers, there is something available to suit everyone. Although Canteen and Cocktails may primarily be a bar, the food is by no means secondary.

Moving on to perhaps the most important component, the cocktails. The beverage menu offers a vast range of both classic and specialist cocktails, alongside speciality lagers and beers. There really is something to suit your every need from a Bellini to a Birra Moretti, to even a Frozen Daiquiri or a Fosters. Cocktails are priced from around £6- a very fair price in relation to the quality and quantity of your drink. Most beverages even come beautifully decorated, with delicately placed fruits and edible additions. For those designated drivers or non-drinkers, there is also a range of ‘mock-tails’ and soft drinks for you to choose from.

This great little place offers everything you need under one roof- great food and great drinks. I would absolutely recommend giving it a try. It’s worth noting that Canteen and Cocktails are available for hire; the environment and offerings are ideal for big groups of people so I would definitely take a peek if this is something you’re interested in! They also offer ‘cocktail making master classes’- a great gift, birthday treat or hen do activity! For further information head over to


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