Places to eat in Middlesbrough: The Chairman

Last week I ventured to my favourite place in Middlesborough– Bedford Street. Tucked away from the bustling high street, are a variety of bars, restaurants and cafés just waiting to ease your every need. This time I stumbled across a hidden gem of a restaurant named, ‘The Chairman’. It is one of the newest additions to Bedford Street and is known for their unique food menu and great range of ales- so, having heard great things I decided to give it a try.

Image from The Chairman (

When you take your first step inside you’re instantly greeted by the industrial vibes of the room. There are Northern-themed images framed, hanging against bare brick walls. The unusual and individualistic lighting gives the room a unique feel, with metal caged cabinets and shelving providing framework and structure. The brass chairs and exposed wood tables are in coherence with the theme of the restaurant, overall giving off a strong, friendly, rustic, Northern feel.

Image from The Chairman (
Upon arrival we were greeted by welcoming staff, inviting us in and to our table. From then we were left to our own devices and able to browse the menu. The menu is compact, however offers a diverse range of food- there is definitely something on there for everyone! The lunch menu runs from 1-3 with a fantastic ‘build a burger’ option which I would definitely recommend. They also offer a selection of roasts and specials including their infamous ‘scotch egg of the week’. The quality is excellent and the standard of food produced by the chefs is faultless. Apace with the menu is an extensive wine list, which I will definitely be making an effort to try!

Personally, what I think is so unique about The Chairman is the atmosphere. The dynamic environment is good for both lunch and dinner. The professional ambience makes for a great working lunch, whilst also provides a great place for you to meet family and friends.

The Chairman does everything right in terms of bringing the Northern atmosphere to life through good food, fine drinks and a great atmosphere. So, if you’re ever in Middlesbrough and you’re looking for somewhere have a sophisticated bite to eat, I would definitely recommend trying this little Teesside Treasure.


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