The other week I did something a little different to what I’m used to and took a trip to RSPB Saltholme. For a girl who lives for tall heels and even taller lattes, a visit to this wildlife reserve (that is widely credited for its fantastic birdwatching facilities) is not on my typical day-to-day agenda. This aside, a sunny day came along (I know, rare for the North) and of course the question arose ‘what shall we do to enjoy the weather’? So a trip to this beautifully tranquil green-screened hideout it was.

As we walked up to the entrance I must admit initially I was shocked; framed by transmission towers and industrial buildings, it is hard to believe that such a fascinating place can be tucked away right on our doorsteps. Upon arrival you will be greeted by friendly staff offering suggestions and advice on your trip to Saltholme, and then you’re free to enjoy the wildlife as you wish.

With a vast selection of walks it’s difficult to choose which one to do first, but as they are all reasonable lengths we tried a few in hope of spotting a few otters or seals in the lakes amongst the wildlife. The scenery is beautiful, with miles and miles of open green space you are able to detach yourself from the bustling world, that in reality is only a stones throw away. The serene environment lets you enjoy the peaceful habitat in which so many wildlife groups live. The composed backdrop also provides plenty of opportunity for snapping those ‘instagrammable’ pictures!

Luckily we visited during ‘Lambing Live’ which added an extra bit of excitement to the trip. This 15-day event celebrates Saltholmes newest arrivals and let’s you visit the new-born bundles of wool and their family. Alongside this, activities were organised to coincide with Lambing including a ‘Saltholme Quest’ and craft workshops – great for a family day out! It’s also worth noting that upstairs in the visitor centre, is a wonderful little café where you can grab something to eat and drink.

So, I hope this highlights that you don’t have to be an avid birdwatcher or a wildlife enthusiast to enjoy this wonderful treasure that is hidden away just on your doorstep. With entry only being £5 per car for non-members it really was a fantastic day out and I am pleased I tried something a little different.

Scarlett. Xx

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