Best Italian Restaurants in Yarm: CENA

Bank Holiday Monday called for a trip to a local authentic Italian restaurant, Cena. Listed as one of the best restaurants in Yarm I had very high expectations- and ladies and gentlemen I was not disappointed! This Italian bistro offers everything you need for a fabulous meal, from approachable staff, to fine interior to taste tantalising Italian food made with only the finest ingredients.

The authentic décor assists the staff in making the room exceptionally welcoming. The exposed wood tables accompanied by shabby-chic chairs give the restaurant a quirky, rustic charm, with little delicate plants creating a mellow atmosphere. The room itself is very inclusive- with a quietly content vibe this Italian outlet is perfect for a date night, meal with the girls or even a family get-together.

Cena’s menu showcases a variety of authentic Italian food, that is very reasonably priced. Luckily, we were able to take advantage of their ‘Menu Fisso’ which is available Monday to Saturday until 5:30pm. This entitles you to two courses for £11.95, or three courses for £13.95 – a brilliant offer. The standard menu offers a conglomeration of starters followed by a vast selection of authentic Italian offerings ranging from pasta to antipasto to pizzas to even steaks and fish dishes. All offerings are concluded with the desert menu, offering servings of phenomenal peanut butter panna cotta, sensational salted caramel cheesecake and the much-loved Italian delicacy, tiramisu. The restaurant also extensively caters to those with specific dietary requirements providing gluten free, lactose free and vegan offerings!

Good deals and vast selections aside, the food cannot be faulted. I would personally recommend trying one of their delicious artisan stone-baked pizzas. If you’re lucky enough to be seated near the pass you can watch your pizza sizzling away in the open stone oven. With a sprinkling of rocket and the addition of basil and sea salt fries, my meal was faultless.

I would absolutely encourage you to try this wonderful Italian hideout and firmly agree with it’s status as one of the best restaurants in the area! To take a better peek at the menu and book your table head over to

Happy Reading!!

Scarlett. Xx

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