Seaton Carew Beach Front

Anyone who knows me will already be aware of my love for the seaside. It could be the middle of November and I would still choose to bundle up and go for a walk along the seafront. Now, I know not many are as mad as I and so I thought, as we’re heading towards warmer weather, now would be an ideal time to share with you my go-to seaside retreat.  Seaton Carew might not have the reputation of the “best” Northern seaside resort, but it’s small, lovely and everything a beach needs to be and more. Not only this, but Seaton Beach is right on our doorsteps! Below are just a few fantastic reasons why a trip to this little seaside wonder should be on your summer holiday trip-list this year.

Seafront Walk

Nothing says ‘refreshing’ like a long walk along the seafront. The promenade allows you to walk right from the beach front through to the marina in Hartlepool (don’t worry, there are plenty of café stops along the way). For those after a brisk walk, you can always park in the centre of the beach and walk until the temptation of fish and chips gets too strong and forces you to turn round!

Cafes and Restaurants

Seaton Beach is oozing with fish and chip shops, ice cream parlours and many more seaside delicacies alike. Whatever you’re craving there is something along this seafront to suit everyone- even a Chinese and Italian restaurant! If you’re after a portion of fish and chips that will meet all of your expectations then I would personally recommend ‘The Almighty Cod’. This seaside outlet provides a full chip shop menu and gives you the option of dining in or taking away (which you don’t always get). The fish and chips are always incredible, with fresh fish and perfectly salted chips I guarantee you will not be disappointed. However, if you’re after something a little sweeter then you could always head over to ‘Gelato JoJo’ for a delicious ice cream or pop into ‘Fizzy Izzy’s’ for a waffle or sundae.


Like every seafront, Seaton has a strip of arcades! These provide everything you need including penny machines and pool tables to slot machines and merry go rounds! Adjacent to these gaming attractions is a newly opened bowling alley. ‘Larry’s Lanes’ is the home of bowling at Seaton Carew and offers ten pin bowling from 10am till late!

Water Sports

For you action-lovers out there Seaton Carew also offers a variety of water sports. From sailing to fishing, from surf boarding to water skiing, to even canoeing! This seafront is bursting with exciting, spine-tingling, hair-raising things to do!

Dog Walking

Seaton seafront offers plenty of space for your much-loved pooch to enjoy a run around! It is worth noting however that our precious-puppies are unfortunately banned between the North Shelter and Seaton Carew golf club from May to September. Either side of this however provides plenty of open space for your pooches to enjoy a day at the beach.

Many are sceptical about visiting this seaside town due to the lack of attention allocated to certain features. Bursting with potential, Seaton Beach could be so much more than it is given credit for. What once was Longscar Hall, a place that brought together communities, has been left rundown and ramshackle. A true loss for the beach front due to its central position.

This aside, Seaton Carew remains to have plenty of wonderful things on offer. Unless we support local areas, we cannot expect Teesside treasures like these to thrive. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to go and enjoy the snippets of sunshine the North is seemingly blessed with, take a little trip to Seaton Carew to see what all the fuss is about!

Happy Reading!

Scarlett. Xx

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