The Best Local in Teesside 

Us ‘Northerners’ love our locals. They’re somewhere we go for a few drinks with the boys, a family Sunday roast or for your much loved weekly quiz night. ‘The Lion’…‘The Swan’…‘The Star’… just a few of our stereotypical pub names that I’m sure resonate with many of you. The one that most resonates with me however, is… ‘The Stables’.

Now, my local is not just an ordinary local. It is a place of class and sophistication, one which you can feel absolutely at home in. The Stables Pub, located in Wynyard, is half bar – half restaurant. I love the separation of the two as it allows for two completely different experiences (it’s worth noting now that this review focuses on the restaurant-half.)

Inside, the restaurant has warm décor with individualistic wallpaper covering the walls, and twinkly chandeliers lighting the room. Typically, there is easy listening music gently playing in the background, however if you visit on certain nights, you’re in for a treat with live, acoustic music from local musicians.

Myself, my family and everybody else we speak to who has visited The Stables, all commend the staff for their professional, yet personable customer service. Owners Marc and Julie know just how to train their team on delivering an outstanding performance both front of house and behind the scenes in the kitchens. The front of house guys and gals bring elements of both charm and class to the table, with customer satisfaction evidently at the forefront at all times.

Moving onto probably the most important factor… the food. The Stables have been commended in the past for their extensive and varied menu, and I can tell you now that is no exaggeration. Their culinary portfolio ranges from Tandoori cod with sweet potato and grilled asparagus… to the famous Teesside ‘Parmo’ (which gets a 10/10 from me). The pub is recognised for their devilishly good ‘Stables Cheesecake’, which features every flavour imaginable… oreo and daim bar, hobnob and chocolate orange, twix and ferrero rocher, (I know, I’m dreaming about them too) and so many more.

So, go ahead, call me biased, but I believe that The Stables IS the one of the best places to wine-and-dine in Teesside. It might not be your ‘local’, but you really do need to give this wonderful little Teesside-treasure a try and pay them a visit. *A quick tip: I would recommend booking in advance as they really are particularly popular! To book a table head over to:
Happy Reading!


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