The North East’s Biggest Talent Expo 

This Thursday, I had the ABSOLUTE privilege of attending and working at the North East’s Biggest Talent Expo! On the 9th March DigitalCity (GetDigital) and ExpoTalent joined forces to bring together all of the spectacular talent we have right here on our doorsteps!

The event was held at the campus heart of Teesside University and welcomed budding students from across the region. It exists to showcase some of the fabulous businessess based here in the North East, and gives students an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their future bosses (…or future competitors 😜)

I got to rub shoulders with some of the big guys… And that’s NO exaggeration… I looked to my left and there was Double Eleven, the guys who made Little Big Planet! To my right, there were the marketing and branding gurus over at Horizon Works and Better. Then straight ahead we had the guys from Ronald James Group and Appamondo! (If you don’t believe me see for yourself 👉🏻

As a student, the whole event was just an amazing opportunity to meet future employers and get your name out there. I know just as well as you do, that when your University posts something that doesn’t include ‘2 for 1 drinks’ or ‘free entry’ we all kind of dismiss it. So, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that events like these don’t come around very often- how many times have you been able to say that you’ve been sharing a coffee with the guys that designed your favourite video game? (Mine was zero too… UNTIL EXPO-TALENT!) So, the next time you see an event like this clogging up your social media, just GO- you never know what opportunity could arise from it.

Happy Reading!

Scarlett. Xx

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