A Litte Introduction 

Hello and welcome to…This Teesside Girl!

As a young woman living in Teesside I am extremely excited to be sharing with you some of my most loved places.
Call me biased, but I believe the North East has SO many wonderful places, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes; such as independent retailers, unique cafes and restaurants, talented fashion designers and so much more. However, the sad thing is that not enough people know about all of the little hidden gems found in my beautiful region!
So… That’s where I come in! The following posts will showcase the fabulous hideouts in Teesside both small and large, ranging from our Northern treasures to some of our more recognisable chains which have that Teesside edge.
When you think Teesside, you might not instantly consider the natural beauty of the region, but I am here to show you some of our most Instagrammable sites that you may never have heard of.
So, I suppose, after all my waffling the key purpose of my blog is to flaunt the fabulous offerings Teesside is home to. I hope I provide insight to some of you.


Happy Reading!
Scarlett. Xx

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